TI LASCIO, 2004​​
TI LASCIO © MassimoSaverioMaida

WINNER TALK TO THE CITY Contest, Careoff/ Viafarini, Milan, IT, 2004

Acrilic on paper, 2 x 4 m. 

With the work “Ti lascio” I won the first edition of “Talk to the City”, a project organised by Careof & Viafarini under the patronage and the contribution of Milan’s Town hall Sector for Sport and Young People. Young artists were given a public space to show their work, communicate their message and express their creativity. In the contemporary city was created an en plein air gallery made of five big spaces for posting the works on the walls of the Fabbrica del Vapore. 


My work has been singled out by the Flash Art magazine.